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Our Team in a nutshell

Netshore is a rapidly growing and forward-thinking company. We make every effort to maintain our progress.


We are a team of magicians.

Small teams are the best teams.

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I ♥️ to 🖌️🎨 dehydration more uglier when I drink a lot of water.

Muhammad Tahir

Back-end Wizard


It is easy to make things difficult, but it is difficult to make things easy 😅.

Waqas Ahmed

Front-end Wizard


I like reading and exploring different ideas and I have a keen interest in current affairs and the latest technology.

Usman Pervez

Back-end Wizard


Keep learning, keep sharing and keep growing.

Muhammad Usman

Back-end Wizard


A passionate guy who pays great attention to details and is eager to learn new things.

Umer Zaman

UI/UX Magician


I translate customer needs into interactive web apps with visual elements that users see and interact with.

Moubin Shiraz

Front-end Wizard


I am a self-learner and a highly motivated front-end developer. Keeping the code simple since 2018.

Muhammad Usama Malik

Front-end Wizard


I'm an extrovert who enjoys communicating with people and discovering ideas for real-world problems.

Nayyer Abbas

User Experience Magician

Work Environment scribble mustache

Rather than working in a tense or bossy situation, we work like a close-knitted friend or family member. We enjoy our passion for developing efficient products, and this is reflected in our attitudes.